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Erik Erickson Supports Alex Johnson for GAGOP Chairman

Far too often, people who benefit from or are content with "the way things are" seem to have the loudest voices. Those of us who know that Republican principles and the Republican platform are good for society are pressured to be silent and support the "status quo". As we know, those who refuse are often falsely characterized as being uninformed, radical, or disloyal to the party.

This silence must end, and it IS ending.


One example of that silence ending is that yesterday afternoon, AM750 WSB show host, RedState.Com Editor-in-Chief, and Fox News Contributor Erick Erickson published a statement of support for our campaign for GAGOP Chairman. In part:

"...As a result, I have decided to support Alex Johnson for Georgia Republican Party Chairman. The leadership of our party has more and more shown it prefers its base to write checks, show up on election day, and otherwise shut the hell up.

Georgia's Republican base needs a representative within the Georgia GOP. Consequently, I believe those of you going to the State Convention in May should vote for Alex Johnson for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party."

I urge you to do the same. Refuse to be silent in deference to those who are opposed to true party growth, standing by our platform, and increased fundraising and financial stewardship.

This is your party. You deserve party leadership that supports our party's principles, helps to support and grow our county parties, and is interested in making politics better by being honest and accountable to you.

The party isn't about me, but about the principles we all believe in. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or ideas on how to grow the party, don't believe negative rumors, simply e-mail me, contact me through Facebook or call me directly. If you want to spread this to others, forward it to your true Republican friends and subscribe them to this mailing list. I look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you in Athens at the State GOP Convention. Together, we can all Advance the GOP in Georgia.

Thank you for your leadership in the Republican Party and commitment to its principles. 

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