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Republicans are supposed to be the party of morals. The party of the high ground. But we are facing a crises of ethics. Multiple counties are attempting to disenfranchise delegates. This has been brought to the attention of the state, but the state has done nothing.

"For the past 4 years, Alex Johnson has been working to empower, educate, and improve the Republican Party in Georgia and increasing membership, while others running for GAGOP have been silently supporting the complacency, waste, and grassroots decrease within the Georgia Republican Party."

GA GOP - Financial Crisis

Financial Statements

Our party has a significant financial problem, as well as being expense heavy. This is the Georgia GOP Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet from January 1 - March 28, 2015, showing a operating loss of approximately - $170,000, even including a major fundraiser and even though the last election cycle was over. The bank balance and accounts payable, as of March 28, 2015 are also available.