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Feb 1

Drain the Swamp

Fellow Republican,

With Republican Donald Trump's recent inauguration, it's time to focus back on our own state.  We have plenty of swamp...

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Feb 2

News & Events


Even though GAGOP Treasurer Bob Mayzes warned of the financial problems in May of 2015, the Georgia Republican Party's finances of being over $200,000 in debt have finally led to members of the Executive Committee calling a meeting to demand a plan and a budget. Ideally, they will also discuss why Georgia Republican...

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Sep 10

Donald Trump and GAGOP Missing Payroll

Make Republicans Act Like Republicans

If we hope to win elections, we need to inspire and encourage people to support the truly Republican candidates. To make that happen, we must have a brand that people believe in. A brand and philosophy that shows that when people vote Republican, they are voting for...

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Aug 3

Upcoming Events and Other News

Before a message from a State Committee member who was appalled at the State Committee meeting held last Saturday, July 25th, a couple other issues. Below are reminders of some upcoming events and opportunities for involvement for those of us who want to see a stronger, growing Republican Party in Georgia. Please be sure to invite other...

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Aug 3

Georgia Republicans are Supporting Obamacare

You may have seen my last e-mail and wondered why and how the Georgia Republican Party needs to stand for principles. If elected Republicans weren't acting like Republicans, such as by killing a bill that would stop your...

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