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Donald Trump and GAGOP Missing Payroll

Make Republicans Act Like Republicans

If we hope to win elections, we need to inspire and encourage people to support the truly Republican candidates. To make that happen, we must have a brand that people believe in. A brand and philosophy that shows that when people vote Republican, they are voting for someone who is going to push limited government, low tax, and value centered policy that is good for all. This will both show that our candidates care about people and also that they can trust our candidates to do the right thing. Is this happening now? Two recent stories help shed light on how we can improve.
How to make Republicans Act Like Republicans

First, the AJC reported last Tuesday that the Georgia Republican Party is still suffering from significant financial woes, including “recently missed payrolls – though only briefly”. As we discussed at the end of July, it is possible that this lack of funding is due to lies from one of the largest sources of Georgia GOP funding: unprincipled corporate donors. Those donors are the ones who claim that if their demands (often contrary to the Republican platform and promises) are not complied with, they will withhold money needed to grow the party and win elections, yet then withhold the funding regardless of what is done. But how does this affect us?
As we can see from the most recent legislative session which included a tax increase and an attempt to silence Republican activists, it is clear that when we abandon our party’s platform and principles in exchange for promises of strong funding, we end up with neither, in addition to poor credibility among party volunteers, activists, and voters. Yet, a common lie is that there is nothing the Republican Party can do to encourage that those politicians claiming to be Republican even do the bare minimum in acting like Republicans and following our platform.
Last week, the RNC accidentally provided an answer. The Republican Party can require candidates to conduct themselves in a manner that leads to Republican victories. While as recently as 2010, the Republican National Committee had no problem with a “moderate” pro-abortion incumbent politician, U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, running an independent write-in campaign against a conservative Republican after losing to him in the primary election, that has changed. They have now decided that this is not good for Republican victories as they (and multiple state Republican party organizations) decided to require Donald Trump to sign a “loyalty pledge” that he will support the party’s nominee.
This sets a very strong precedent, since if the Republican Party can require a person to sign an oath to support the party’s nominee if they wish to run as a Republican, then there’s nothing stopping the Georgia Republican Party from easily requiring our politicians to sign an oath that they will support the platform or resolutions that you, the party’s grassroots, advocate if they wish to run as a Republican. That is a solution that will ensure that our brand is maintained and true Republicans are elected far into the future.
Please e-mail me your thoughts on this This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Of course, there will still be a vocal minority of people who will continue to falsely argue that corporate donations will disappear if we take a stand and demand that politicians actually institute policy that’s good for all people, not just their donors. Thankfully, even though donations will eventually pick up, those arguments are easily proven false by the lack of funding in the past year (Link 1)(Link 2), and the current lack of funding now (Link 3).

Let’s work together to find ways to make the Republican Party brand strong. Let’s work together to ensure that Republican policies are enacted which, naturally, make our nation strong. Let’s work together to Advance the GOP.

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