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Drain the Swamp

Fellow Republican,

With Republican Donald Trump's recent inauguration, it's time to focus back on our own state.  We have plenty of swamp to drain here in Georgia.  Consider the following:

- In just a few short years, the GAGOP went from having millions in the bank to now being hundreds of thousands in debt. (link)
- Two of our most historically Republican counties, Cobb and Gwinnett, chose Democrat Hillary Clinton over President Trump in last year's election. (
- Once a Republican stronghold, the state of Georgia barely had over 50% vote Republican last year's election. (

As I've said for years, we will lose our state if this continues.  So how do we fix it?  By Draining the Swamp.

How do we drain the swamp?  By electing GOP leaders with a vision to put Republicans First, using the GOP convention cycle, which begins in early February.

For those of you new to this process, the GOP Convention cycle is the method we use to elect new GOP leadership at all levels.  The first step of this process is the Precinct Mass Meetings.  The Precinct Mass Meeting is where you can run for and elect your Precinct Chairman and other precinct-level offices.  The Precinct is the most local aspect of the Republican party organization.  

The Precinct Mass Meeting is also where delegates are chosen to attend the County Convention, which is where GOP County leadership is chosen.  In addition to choosing County leadership, the County convention also sends delegates to the District and State Conventions to choose leadership at the District and State levels.  If this sounds confusing to you, don't worry.  This first step of this process is simple - you simply show up to the Precinct Mass Meetings to have your voice heard.

That's why the focus of this email is to outline what YOU can do at the Precinct Mass Meeting to have your voice heard and to help influence decisions that will echo all the way to top State GOP leadership.

First, consider running for a Precinct officer position yourself!  Although Trump won based on grassroots support, some in our state party have ignored this most-grassroots of all GOP positions for years.  To help Republicans win for the next few decadesour Party must be organized all the way down to the precinct, grassroots level in every precinct in the state.  Having principled and excited Republicans in these local positions will help us do just that! New to the convention process? Don't worry, people with more experience can help you out.

Second, run as a Delegate  from your precinct to your local County Convention, which will be held in March.  Part of the Precinct Mass Meeting involves sending delegates to the County Convention, so why not send yourself as a delegate?  Any good Republican who is not new to this process should be happy to help you figure out how.  You simply need to show up with the will and desire to do so and they will help you with the process.  If you have questions, feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as well.

Already familiar with the GOP convention process?  As Republicans, we don't expect much help from government.  We help ourselves.  So please help your fellow Republicans as much as you possibly can.  Explain how your particular county works to those new to the process.  Encourage them to run for a precinct position.  Help them get on as a delegate to the County Convention.  Your help will keep them engaged and grow our numbers in the fight against the ideas of the Democrats who keep harming our state and country!

When is my Precinct Mass Meeting?
The following counties have the meetings on February 4th:

Cherokee (2/4)Gwinnett (2/4 @ Central Gwinnett High School),

The following counties have their Precinct Mass Meetings on February 11th:
Cobb (2/11 @ Roswell Street Baptist Church)DeKalb (2/11 @ Lakeside High School),ColumbiaCoweta, Dougherty (Unconfirmed), DouglasFayetteFloydForsyth, Fulton (2/11 @ Check their Website-Varies), Glynn(Unconfirmed),  Bartow (Unconfirmed), BibbCarrollChathamClarke, Clayton (Unconfirmed)HallHenryHoustonLowndesMuscogeeNewtonPauldingRichmondRockdale, and Walton.

For these counties, you MUST be inside the meeting area prior to 10AM, sharp.  Per the rules, NOBODY will be allowed in after 10AM.  I suggest getting there at least 30 minutes early.

You may be able to find your county's meeting location on their webpage or by contacting your local GOP County Chairman.  If not, then email me and I'll get it for you.

What if my county is not listed?
The list of counties above all have populations greater than 80,000.  If your county is not listed above, your county as a population of under 80,000.  Counties with a population of under 80,000, unless they've received special permission from the State GOP, have their Precinct Mass Meetings and their County Convention on the same day, back-to-back.  These meetings will be on March 18th.  Since there are two meetings, these start at 9AM instead of 10AM.  Again, I suggest getting there at least 30 minutes early. Do NOT be late they will not let you in!

Why am I encouraging you to participate in these meetings?
If you want to see the GAGOP improve and thrive, this is how we do it. Show up at the Precinct Mass Meetings. Run for a precinct officer position.  Definitely run as a delegate to your County Convention. Eventually, become a delegate to the State Convention, and help the others who feel the same way do so.  

At the GA State Convention in June, you and your grassroots friends can help me become the next GAGOP Chairman, where I can continue my work in Advancing the GOP.  I need your support to help me continue to such education efforts and help us grow Our Party.  Georgia's future is much brighter if we drain the swamp, and I need your help to do it.  See you at the Precinct Mass Meetings!

Questions about the Precinct Mass Meetings?

Email me now at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Help raise awareness of this important process by forwarding and sharing this email.  If you have friends/family/coworkers in the same county, invite them for breakfast that Saturday morning beforehand, then carpool with them to your local Precinct Mass Meetings and introduce them to this process.  This is how we grow Our Party.

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