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Georgia Republicans are Supporting Obamacare

You may have seen my last e-mail and wondered why and how the Georgia Republican Party needs to stand for principles. If elected Republicans weren't acting like Republicans, such as by killing a bill that would stop your state tax dollars from going to support Obamacare, the Georgia GOP would surely do something about it, right? Or it would at least tell county and district party members and activists about it so you could ensure your legislators represent your Republican values and principles, right?


HB 707 clearly and Constitutionally would ensure that Georgia's government would spend no money on the implementation of key parts of Obamacare, a bill that the Republican Party is universally and publicly known for opposing as a Federal takeover of our healthcare system and a drastic intervention into economic markets. As you can see from the link, the bill easily passed the Georgia House.

But, as reported by State Rep. Jason Spencer through his press release and his Facebook page as well as other sources, Republicans in the Republican controlled State Senate have used procedure to effectively kill the bill. Due to this, no public vote will be recorded as to which "Republicans" support Obamacare implementation using your tax dollars, it will simply never be voted on. No voting record of the betrayal will exist to be used in a primary challenge against each so-called "Republican". Nothing will change.

Why is this happening? Partially due to lobbyists and money, but there's a greater issue. Our party's silence. At the time of this e-mail, the Georgia GOP had told us nothing about this, either through their website, Facebook, or statements by state party officers. Without our informed action, not only may state funds be used to implement Obamacare, but your Georgia GOP's money may also even help the so-called "Republicans" who killed this bill get re-elected. That isn't the point of the Republican Party.

Georgians deserve to know that when they are voting Republican, they are getting Republicans in office that believe in Republican principles. And Georgia Republicans need a Republican Party that will ensure that Republican politicians act like Republicans and, if they don't, that the Georgia Republican Party will speak up, maintain its brand, and ensure that those politicians don't continue to sully your good name or the name of our party, causing us to lose support and elections.

It is up to you now, and every day, to either choose to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or to choose to accept things the way they are. I hope you will join me in Advancing the GOP, and choosing to spread the word and demanding that our party do better. The future of our state depends on it.

If you wish to try to save this bill, you must act now, as the last day of session is Wednesday. If you wish to contact the politicians involved in the process that may be able to save this bill, check out this Facebook post by the Atlanta Tea Party Patriots (unaffiliated with Advance the GOP) that lists contact numbers for the Governor, Lt. Governor, and the members of the committee that have currently killed the bill.

Thank you for your leadership in the Republican Party and commitment to its principles.

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