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We need action, not words. We will create an outstanding fundraising program by serving the public's interests and being well-known, empowering, and supportive to county parties.

We will build a Georgia Republican Party that is accessible to all Georgia Republicans. We will support and build county Republican Parties throughout the State so that more voters are empowered in politics.

"Republicans" who advocate for bigger federal government, more taxation, and more spending are clearly outside of the principles of the Republican Party, and while it may not be how it has worked in the past, the Republican Party needs to have a grassroots army in place so that the public can communicate with and hold the politicians are accountable and unable to hurt our party's name. The ones that follow the principles, platform, and will of the grassroots of the Republican Party deserve public praise and everlasting support.

Our party is being destroyed by an established political industry ("The Swamp") that promises they support less taxes, Constitutionally protected rights, and less business regulations, and then vote or lobby to increase taxes and regulations on businesses, and fail to pass legislation supporting individual rights. "Nice people" who will sell out their principles for personal gain, or lobbyist connections, have no role in leading a volunteer grassroots organization that will ONLY raise money with principled, accountable leadership.  As a Party, we must be educated on what our politicians are doing and make sure that anyone using our Party's name is doing the right thing, and we must ensure that all of our fellow Republicans know and understand that our Party CAN hold politicians accountable and brand.